Friday, April 18, 2014

eating our way through salt lake city

this week we've been eating our way
through salt lake city. since we are
constantly featuring amazing
restaurants in san francisco and
all over when we travel, i was 
excited to showcase the best of
the best in salt lake city during
this visit home. SLC, you've been
showing off and i've never been so full...
not eating for a week when i get back
to san francisco! mmmm!
as you probably know, we LOVE thai
food and try about one new pad thai
dish per week in san francisco on our
"search for the best pad thai."
well...we may need to come to
salt lake city more often because
i finally tried thai siam this trip
and it knocked our socks off!
not only was their pad thai flavor
perfect and restored my love of
pad thai, but the entire menu
is incredible...we would know,
we tried almost every dish!
my dad came with me and we
ate WAY too much but loved it.
^^ i am in love with the exterior of thai siam.
easy to spot when you're driving down state street!
^^ first things first: the curry puff appetizer might have 
been our very favorite thing. please get this when you
go to thai siam. most delicious yellow curry inside
puff pastry. it's genius and i would get it every time.
^^ he agrees. (he's going to kill me for this picture! :)
 ^^ spring roll appetizer
^^ the papaya salad is so fresh + unique.
great flavor and a really healthy option.
^^ another MUST-ORDER. coconut soup.
heaven on earth. how have i never had this
at another thai place? incredible.
^^ their yellow curry was delicious with
just the right amount of spice. i liked that
the veggies were out of the sauce and not
soggy like some other thai places. delish!
^^ now for the real question: how was the pad thai?
top notch. i was so happy because we've had so much bland,
average pad thai recently trying spots around san francisco, i
was starting to question my love for pad thai. not anymore!
thai siam's version restored it :). the sauce had the perfect
kick to it, it was so flavorful and perfectly cooked. i was so 
full but still ate almost this entire plate because i was so
happy for a pad thai done right! i wish chase had come in
town with me so he could have tried this one. we'll be back!
^^ soaking up every date with my dad that i can get
before my parents are off to south africa for 3 years! :( 

^^ our cute waitress brought out our favorite dessert.
can't beat mango coconut sticky rice!
^^ i'd say he liked it!

^^ so fun to meet the great people behind 
this restaurant! amy & lee are the best.
 thanks, thai siam! i will be back with
chase next time we come to town!

my new favorite place in salt lake city

i am so happy to have discovered
in salt lake city. i've been featuring
some fun new places as well as some
favorites, but this was the best new
one to discover. it has a great feel &
amazing, fresh, light food. you feel
good after eating here because it's
all healthy & made in the restaurant.
it's a perfect spot for a breakfast or
lunch date. we loved the rose!
^^ the design and feel of the place is my favorite.
it feels like a san francisco spot! they have done
the best job and it's such a nice place to bring your
laptop and work while you eat too.
^^ perfect mother-daughter date
^^ this avocado toast. better than anything!
^^ homemade muesli + yogurt. so healthy, so yummy.
^^ the farro salad is incredible. 
i could eat it for lunch every day!
^^ salt lakers-- don't miss the rose establishment! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

breakfast at tiffany's bridal shower

coming home means i usually get to 
throw a celebration for a friend...
in this case, my darling friend maria!
she got engaged in january and i was
so excited when i realized i'd be home
in april to throw her a bridal shower.
it lined up perfectly! i love this girl and
and lived with her during college in our
sorority we had some of
the best times and she's the life of the
party. she is the classiest person and is
basically audrey i thought
it had to be a "breakfast at tiffany's" 
shower! it is her favorite book / movie
so it was perfect. we served breakfast
for dinner, of course! loved showering
this darling couple and seeing our 
chi o friends! here are some glimpes:
^^ we had a little "bridal libs" sheet
for everyone to fill out and read.

congrats maria + cam!
let the celebrations begin now,
all the way to the wedding in july,
and for a lifetime! can't wait for 
these two to join the married club.