Sunday, September 21, 2014

sunday notes

dear apartment, i love it when the sunlight sneaks through the shutters and makes our bedroom twinkle. i love your hardwood floors and all-white everything. i love your location and i love the trolley bell out the window. 

dear fall, you know i love you --- but our san francisco indian summer is just beginning --- so my mind is a little confused and caught between seasons! forgive me if i'm not 100% into you yet.

dear spin class, chase and i are getting a little bit obsessed with you in the morning before work...good thing you are at our work and we can go together!

dear olive oil + bread + balsamic, you are my staple. {extra balsamic, please}

dear new playlist, i was in big-time need of you. thanks for helping me shift into fall.

dear ghirardelli cookies, just yes.

dear family, i am missing you. lots.

dear mount tamalpais, thanks for letting us escape the city for the mountains last week. much needed!

dear laundry, am i the only one who pours double the detergent into each load because i love clean laundry smell?

dear skymiles, we are racking you up. i love nothing more than seeing more of you pop up in my account... thanks to amex's bonus last week!

dear watermelon lemonade, i think you were my favorite part of summer.

dear husband, sorry that sometimes i sneak some of your cologne and spray it on me for the lasts longer than perfume and sometimes smells better! shhh!

dear meg, thanks for getting ENGAGED and making it so now i have a reason to come visit SLC before christmas!!!

dear football, thank you so much for being back. you represent memories, college, my family, season tickets growing up, friends, the muss, nostalgia, fall, excitement, tailgating, band music, the best food, and the ultimate pastime. i LOVE having you on (and love that our utes are 3-0!)

dear apple products, you all have the same smell when you're brand new and it's my favorite.

dear dreams, i've been having soooo many of you lately! like, multiple very in-depth dreams per night. what do they all mean?! i need a dream journal.

dear kona, still missing you, sweet pup. every dog i see makes me think of you!

dear car, i haven't driven one of you in 3 months. i don't miss it at all. 

dear future, we've been thinking about you nonstop lately and it's exciting, but reminds me to so enjoy our present before it changes!


Friday, September 19, 2014

VIDEO: boston & cape cod

we've wrapped up our boston + cape cod recap,
so last & best thing: here is our video of one of
my very favorite trips filled with lobster rolls, 
lighthouses, ferries, beaches, bikes, history, 
bed & breakfasts, chocolate covered cranberries, 
seafood, time spent in boston, new places, 
familiar places, ice cream every day, and 
most of all -- quality time with my husband. 
we love you, new england! 

here is a little collection of moments from the trip:

and to see the rest of our posts from 
this dreamy trip, see here:
•• cape cod by bike 
•• hyannis
•• bye, boston! 

i am so grateful for the ability to document things
and literally record them to hold onto forever.
it makes me so happy to watch footage from trips
or experiences and basically re-live them! you should
see me while making / watching this video..smiling a
mile wide remembering this trip and loving it even 
more because we have such good memories of it.
thanks for coming with us on it!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

bye, boston!

we said goodbye to boston with a final day of 
enjoying our hotel right in copley square, 
having dinner on the waterfront, and
wandering newbury street before
saying goodbye and heading
back to the west coast.
 we were sad to leave our hotel that was in
the best location and ideal for our stay.
we were welcomed by the copley square hotel
and enjoyed the location, the modern feel,
and the touches of the city's history.
i loved this hotel from the moment i 
walked through this front entrance. 
the rooms have a modern feel, but the building and 
hallway interiors feel very classic. i loved these walls 
filled with all the famous places and events in boston!
^^ what a welcome!

we love staying in places that feel like the city
we are in. copley square hotel definitely feels 
like boston and has the history to back it up.
it's been around for over 100 years, and even
has a time capsule buried underneath it!
 after we checked out and wandered newbury street,
we biked over to the pretty waterfront for one 
last dinner before catching our flight. we
went to pasta beach and ate outside with a view
of the water. it was a perfect pre-flight dinner!
 the best thing you could ever give me ^^
 can you tell he was hungry after all 
that biking/walking/shopping? :)

^^ looking right out at the water + sailboats

 pasta beach brings chefs from the same town
in italy on rotation, so you can expect authentic,
great food. this pizza had the perfect crust.
 our waiter recommended this asparagus + prosciutto
pasta, and it was the greatest. so light, so well-made,
so flavorful. you can always tell a good pasta place
from the noodles...handmade and cooked just right!

^^ then, we biked back across the city
during rush hour to make it back to
our bags and head to the airport! we (i)
love to pack it in, can't help it!
 boston, you were making it hard to leave...
 honestly - look at this place!
good thing we have a city we love to
come home to. it lessens the post-trip blues 
when you love where you live! thanks for
following along on all of our posts from our
time back east! there's just one last post coming
tomorrow with a video of this trip. cheers, boston!