Thursday, July 24, 2014

off the grid favorites: part III

surprise, surprise..
more off the grid!
because, what's more fun
than going out to dinner in a huge
parking lot with all the best food trucks?
we can't stop and neither should you!
cheese gone wild food truck has some gourmet
grilled cheese sandwiches if i've ever seen them!
and who doesn't love a good grilled cheese?
the alcatraz melt has grilled steak, carmelized onions &
mushrooms, with a gruyere/swiss blend. it's flavorful
and not for the faint of heart! chase loved this sandwich.
next time i want to try their golden gate melt, a
grilled cheese stuffed with mac & cheese + bacon!
{better save up for that one!}


for dessert, we could not resist
the darling johnny doughnuts.
do you think i'm exaggerating
when i say these are life changing?
because i'm not! i don't like most
doughnuts, i'll be honest. there are
a select few i'm down with. i really
don't like new trendy doughnuts 
that look cute but taste terrible and
fake. johnny doughnuts has the best
of both worlds because the doughnuts
are darling and SO well made. there
are unique flavors and classics, 
something for everyone. trust me
that you won't be disappointed! i only
wish i could have tried the "crodough"
cronut, but they were sold out of course!
next time :) the vanilla old fashioned was
a favorite though...hard to choose just one!
^^ the cutest people work in this truck. they
were so nice and so happy...probably because
they work around these doughnuts all day!
look at their instagram & you'll instantly be
happier from all those doughnut pictures! 
^^would you just look at how thick
and scrumptious that is???
be sure to check out these two trucks!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

gear for good

one of the best parts of this blog is the chance to work 
with amazing companies that i love and agree with and 
want to support. going a little ways back to a post from
last month, lately i've been thinking lots about what matters.
i want to support and be part of things that matter. i want
to live a life that asks not what can i get, but instead what
can i give? i want to start featuring some favorite organizations
that are making a difference and giving opportunities to serve 
and help and make this world we love more beautiful. that's why
i'm inspired by cotopaxi, AKA "gear for good." it's a company
with a mission to help eradicate poverty through donating
proceeds from their outdoor gear sales. the thing i love is that
when you go to their website to buy an item, they actually tell
you exactly what your purchase will make possible. for example,
by buying one kilimanjaro pack like i have, it pays for one week
of tutoring for a student at the kilimanjaro kids community.
amazing! i love this company and what they're about, and i'm
grateful for people who see the need to bring some good into
business. on top of all that, these packs are ideal for all of us
travelers! they are stylish, high-quality, and easy to organize
with a laptop sleeve, multiple pockets, and a good use of space.
on top of the great features of the packs, you carry with you
a literal reminder to do good and leave places better.
you know i'd never lead you astray when it comes to travel, and
this backpack is already being used daily and on trips. plus, i get
to think about the cool impact it's making! love it. go to their
website,, browse their story, and if you see 
something you like, use discount code WELLTRAVELED
for 10% off your purchase! it's valid through the end of july. if
you need to be more inspired, please watch this video from
the founder and his wife about a boy named edgar and how
he inspired them to start cotopaxi and give back to the world.
we took a little bike ride to the beach
and then back through golden gate park
and packed my cotopaxi with things for
the beach and a picnic. it was too pretty in
the park, we had to stop and take some
photos of the pack and all the scenery!
 i have a feeling this backpack will go all
over the world with me...not only because it's
so useful and functional, but it reminds me of
why we travel and how we can serve. it's perfect.

all over the city and back to our place,
i loved my first adventure with this pack.
many more to come! join me in supporting
cotopaxi. remember: we make a living by
what we get, we make a life by what we give.


Monday, July 21, 2014

i'm in love with mendocino

it's not hard to see how
i fell in love. this town is a dream.
a tiny, charming, pretty dream on the edge
of the ocean. how has it been kept a secret?

after we wandered around the town
with heart eyes the entire time, we
drove a few minutes down the coastal
road to little river inn restaurant. i already
thought i had maxed out on darling places
for the day, but no -- this place just added
to stealing my heart. we are for sure 
coming back to stay here, but this time
we enjoyed a sunset dinner looking out
over the ocean at the greatest little inn
restaurant to end our weekend getaway.
it was a dream!
pesto crusted salmon & bacon guacamole burger for chase and i
calimari caesar for mckelle, and the steak diane for david.
we had the best weekend with these cuties 
and we're so glad they joined us. also..
EVERYONE thinks chase + david are twins,
do you see it? we think they are identical 
from behind because of their twinner hair!
^ wait, cannot forget the warm olallieberry cobbler.
hopefully you remember me talking about olallieberry
lots in the past, it's a bay area special hybrid fruit and
we're a little bit obsessed with it. {see proof here
and here and here}. it was the best ever, and the
bread pudding was a must because chase LOVES it.
wow i love places like this, food like this,
weekends like this, & friends like this!

here's to a great place to spend a golden summer night.

riding the skunk train, some good eats, and
horseback riding on the beach. quite the weekend!