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spring in salt lake

if you didn’t notice, i looooved going home for a visit last week. it was exactly what i needed after a rough few months of moving, getting robbed, getting a $500 ticket, commuting, having my identity stolen, adjusting to change, getting a flat tire at 7 AM on the way to work, getting used to a new apartment, randomly experiencing homesickness for the firsttime…


all good pizza

this blog is a place i like to document our life,  and also show great food, places, and hotels  when i really really love them. this is something  i’ve always loved to do– write down favorite  places when i travel and then share them.  i did this even before i had this blog,  and through our features and guides  i get to share them. whenever…


2013 in review

dear 2013, how are you almost over? all i can say is that we loved you, and can’t believe how every year just keeps getting better and better. here’s an attempt to recap you in one song: and as for a little 2013 blog recap…in january we rang in the new year by hosting a party with friends,…

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